Our Services

We can take care of all your Strata Management needs efficiently and courteously. Services we offer include:
  • Preparation of agendas and minutes
  • Convene the Annual General Meeting and Executive Committee Meetings
  • Maintain and hold all Owners Corporation records including minutes, common seal and all insurances.
  • Arrange all contracts including cleaning, gardening, fire maintenance, lift maintenance, building repairs and more.
  • Provide advice relating to by-laws including amendments and enforcement.
  • Advise the Owners Corporations of their rights and responsibilities under the Owners Corporation Act 2006.
  • Arrange competitive quotes for all major works.
  • Budget preparation and levy collection.
  • Ensuring compliance will all relevant legislation.
  • Holding and managing distribution of all common area keys
  • Payment of invoices on behalf of the Owners Corporation.
  • Preparation of annual accounts.
  • Management of Incoming and outgoing correspondence.

If your building is currently under management, we can arrange to transfer the management to Gough Partners with minimal fuss.

We would be happy to provide a quote for professional Owners Corporation Management services. Please call today and find out how easy it is to make the change.